Introduction of Endourology Department of Shaheed Labbafinejad Medical Center

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Shahid Labbafinejad Urology Department - A leading center in

Endourology and Urolaparoscopy

Modern Treatments:

  • Laparoscopic procedures  > 6000
  • Kidney transplantation  > 2800
  • Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy   > 1500
  • Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy  > 150
  • Laparoscopic pyeloplasty  >700
  •  Laparoscopic adrenalectomy  > 300
  • Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy  >200
  • Percutaneous nephrolithotomy(PCNL)   >7000
  • Transureteral lithotripsy   >10000
  • Radical cystoprostatectomy    >600


  • Fellowship trained in endourology and laparoscopy: 58
  • Fellowship trained in kidney transplantation: 28
  • Fellowship trained in pediatric urology: 15
  • General urologist trained: 61
  • Fellowship trained in female urology: 1


  • More than 160 papers have been published in international journals
  • The best laparoscopic paper of 2004
  • Membership in The Board of SIU and Endourology Society

N. Simforoosh, MD Professor and Chairman, department of urology

For over 25 years, the urology specialists at Labbafinejad urology department have continued to break new ground and set the standards of care for patients suffering from urological conditions. The Department ranks as the nation's largest and most progressive multi-disciplinary urology programs, and it is marked by a carefully balanced approach to patient care, basic and clinical research, and innovative programs with an emphasis on urologic oncology , reconstructive surgery , endourology and urolaparoscopy  to enhance quality of life.  Our internationally acclaimed physicians have pioneered treatments for many conditions, including:

  • Laparoscopy
  • Pediatric Urology
  • Kidney Transplantation
  • Endourology
  • Genitourinary cancers
  • Female urology
  • Incontinence
  • Sexual dysfunction in men and in women

The Mission of the Department of Urology

Under the direction of Nasser simforoosh M.D., chair of the Department, The mission of the Department of Urology is:

  • To provide, cost-effective, skillful and innovative care to all urology patients.
  • To ask relevant questions and answer them with scientific knowledge obtained through laboratory and clinical research.
  • To educate students, residents and fellows and thereby to train the future leaders in our field.

The Shaheed Labbafinejad Department of Urology is recognized nationally for pioneering research and treatment in Kidney Transplantation, prostate cancer, urinary tract infections and obstruction, urinary incontinence, genitourinary oncology and minimally invasive surgery. In addition to this strong research program, the department provides the highest quality urologic patient care.

The training of more than 100 fellows in pediatric urology, kidney transplantation, endourology, and laparoscopy fields and the training of more than 55 urologists working as an active network in therapeutic center and universities throughout the country are steps towards the fulfillment of this mission.
Besides the above mentioned activities, international members of this center participate actively in international congress by oral presentations and papers; as, the membership of Nasser simforoosh in administrative board of the world endourology society as well as SIU is a further proof of that. The urology department of Shaheed Labbafinejad Medical center was a pioneer in endourology and laparoscopy. The first endourological fellowship course was initialed in this center 18 years ago and included the training of PCNL, TUL and ESWL within a period of one year. However, this period has increased to 2 years by the addition of laparoscopy training since 2002. For better education of residents and fellows, urology department provides necessary equipments and facilities including 4 operating rooms equipped with laparoscopes, 2 operating rooms equipped with endourology and PCNL beds, 2 ultrasonography systems for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes such as prostate transrectal biopsy, percutaneous nephrostomy etc.
More than 40 papers have been published in international journals which are indexed in pub med. The publication of lots of papers in creditable national journals as well as papers and oral presentations in international congresses have led to the promotion of this center to higher rank nationally and regionally.

Clinic building

The Iranian Textbook of Urology which was composed by the members of the scientific board of the center and some other Iranian professors are under publication. It is regarded as a Persian reference book in urology and it is unique in composing special reference books.
 Urology- Nephrology Research Center under the direction of Abbas Basiri M.D has improved research in this center which led to the increase of published papers recently.
The inauguration of hospital-affiliated special clinic equipped with 2 outpatient operating rooms, a new lithotripsy system, TRUS biopsy and urodynamic system increase the service provided to the patients and under training residents. Urology department includes currently 5 independent wards:

  • Male urology ward with 28 active beds.
  • Female urology ward with 18 active beds
  • Pediatric urology ward with 20 active beds.
  • Kidney transplantation ward with 33 active beds.
  • Lithotripsy ward

The following next programs are regarded to develop urology department:

  1. The development of permanent skill lab and animal lab.
  2. The improvement of urologic operating room.
  3. The improvement of male urology ward.
  4. The acceptance of fellows from foreign countries.
  5. The confirmation of fellowship training program in this center by international societies such as SIU and international endourology society.

Urology Nephrology Research Center
Urology Nephrology Research Center